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GratisNow aims to be one of the busiest online giveaway website as we hold daily sweepstakes and contests. We also offer some of the hottest freebies, samples, coupons, deals and other totally free stuff on the net. Sign up today to receive our awesome daily or weekly alerts and get an email full of sweepstakes and prizes to win.

GratisNow aims to hold daily online giveaway contests. With that in mind, we want to make winning fun, easy and quick! That’s why, it will only take you two (2) single mandatory steps to enter our online sweepstakes: first, you have to enter your email address and second, you should confirm your email address. That’s it! Anything else is optional and handled responsively by our sweepstakes software!

For sure, you’ve seen many sweepstakes offers with elaborated prizes, but they also come with complex rules and seem to last for months. You don’t even know if those offers are legitimate or if there are even a winner. At GratisNow, we are taking –what we hope is– a simpler and better approach. We may not offer as many big-ticket prizes, but the prizes we offer are legitimate and we select a winner every single day. Our giveaway contests don’t drag on for months, but are only live for 24 hours. If interested, you can even claim your today’s entry now! If you’re not interested in the today’s daily giveaway, you can always come back to our site the next day as we may have a brand new giveaway to entice you with.

At GratisNow, we are mostly offering totally free online stuff or freebies such as gift cards and trending products because they are prizes most people want and are willing to take time to enter. We do make things for our sweepers with a very easy entry process and quick winner announcement, all in 24 hours. You heard it! Therefore, our free daily prizes and contests are exciting and engaging for our sweepers. 

That being said, we hand-picked our list of what we think are the best free sweepstakes and contests online! Our online daily free prizes are all about free sweepstakes and contests that are easy to enter. If you have to do too much work to get freebies, then we won’t post it. That’s simple because it’s all about GratisNow. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck to all GratisNow Sweepers!